Rajakumari Arabian Cafe

Address: NH-66 Road, Near Private Bus Stand, Attingal

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RAJAKUMARI Restaurant, a fancy eatery is the example of overcoming adversity and brainchild of famous gathering of business visionaries under the wings of Rajakumari Group Nestled in the capital district of Gods own country, the eatery has made a specialty for itself in the realm of Modern Middle-Eastern Cuisine and guarantees further pleasure with time to come. In spite of its casual feeling this casual eatery is brilliantly fabulous, both by day and by night making it the ideal spot to eat with your loved ones. Since origin, there has been a genuine enthusiasm to serve delightful dinners in which there was no trade off on freshness, quality, cleanliness, and strength. RAJAKUMARI Restaurants made guaranteed strides of progress by the finesse of God. In light of the monstrosity of the achievement and support appeared to us by our clients we have started through which we would like to realize new norms to top notch food in Trivandrum area. A section from the activity is to take effective eatery further ahead scaling towards average folks in the locale. With each endeavor RAJAKUMARI Restaurant has changed the idea of high end food. From presenting and setting up presenting the primary ever open air oven counter and in addition shawarma and shawaya counters in the locale, RAJAKUMARI Restaurants have re-designed the specific thought of center eastern cooking. Despite the fact that we remain as the zenith of the easiest delicious dish — chicken broil produced using unadulterated coconut oil to fricasseed chicken and French fries. Likewise, remembering present day top notch food alternatives our inheritance is still maintained by our relentless commitment to the nature of our dishes since the simple start and can be bore witness to by the proceeding and regularly rising interest for our the developing number of vegans, RAJAKUMARI has a fluctuated determination of Appetizers, Soups and Main course.


Rajakumari Arabian Cafe Kallambalam

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  • Monday 11.00AM - 11.00PM
  • Tuesday 11.00AM - 11.00PM
  • Wednesday 11.00AM - 11.00PM
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