RK Loyalty and Rewards

  • Earn 1 point for every INR 500 spent at Rajakumari Gold and Diamond and for every INR 100 from all other outlets of Rajakumari group.
  • Earn discount vouchers of INR 50, INR 75, INR 100 and above as you earn points 50, 75, 100 and above respectively.
  • INR 100 = 1 RK Loyalty Point = INR 1
  • INR 500 = 1 RK Loyalty Point on Gold and Diamond = INR 1


By turning into a RKL (RAJAKUMARI LOYALTY) member you are quickly part of the world's most energetic client rewards program. When you have gotten your RKL (RAJAKUMARI LOYALTY) card, you can begin collecting loyalty points. The client the individuals who participate in this program will accomplish the time of larger parts.

Clients can select into a RAJAKUMARI LOYALTY REWARDS program through the RAJAKUMARI outlets, by sharing required details.

It is the client's obligation to share the right correspondence details with RAJAKUMARI at the time of enrolling in the program.

RAJAKUMARI won't be in charge of non-workable in the event that a member moves out of serviced regions.

No one but people can select RAJAKUMARI LOYALTY Rewards and this enlistment isn't appropriate to Corporations, affiliations or company groups.

RKL (RAJAKUMARI LOYALTY) program is also available to workers of Rajakumari group and their families & that’s our key.

Participation to RKL (RAJAKUMARI LOYALTY) is at the sole watchfulness of RAJAKUMARI group and it might deny enrollment to any candidate without doling out any reasons.

To collect RKL (RAJAKUMARI LOYALTY) points, the member should display his/her RKL (RAJAKUMARI LOYALTY) card at the time of finishing the win/recover movement according to the point plot. On the off chance that a member neglects to exhibit the RKL (RAJAKUMARI LOYALTY) card while buying or recovering, this may result in pertinent RKL (RAJAKUMARI LOYALTY) points not being accumulated by the individuals and RAJAKUMARI won't be mindful in such manner.

The dependability points are redeemable against the Products/Service from RAJAKUMARI outlets or associate Partners. The client needs to display the first RKL (RAJAKUMARI LOYALTY) card to gain the points and profit the reclamation office, may need to demonstrate their ID evidence. At the time of procurement a client can reclaim just the past points and the earned new points can be recovered in the accompanying Invoice.

If there should be an occurrence of any business return, if the client had earned any points on a similar buy, will be turned around. On account of inadequate points, the client needs to reimburse the money or equal, against their returned points.

The client can't acquire the RKL (RAJAKUMARI LOYALTY Rewards) points for their buy, related to any other offers/Promotions.

The part can join to our site to acquire the announcement, for additional data, to enroll visit our site http://rajakumarigroup.com/

Any debate identified with remuneration points more established than about fourteen days from the date of procurement, won't be engaged.

Each client should dependably convey the RKL (RAJAKUMARI LOYALTY Rewards) card securities and ought not share the data relating to his RKL (RAJAKUMARI LOYALTY Rewards) participation to anybody.

RAJAKUMARI won't request client secret key and different details through any email or SMS. If you don't mind being careful with spam sends and don't share your record details with mail id which have all the earmarks of being originating from unapproved sources.

We can't be held obligated for any misfortune, theft, harm or unapproved utilization of a card and any substitution is given at our customer care center, subject to such terms and conditions as we esteem fit and the RKL (RAJAKUMARI LOYALTY Rewards) member needs to pay for the duplicate card.

All conditions and guarantees, regardless of whether communicated or suggested and in the case of emerging under enactment or something else, as to condition, reasonableness, quality, wellness or well being of a reward provided are explicitly rejected to the full degree allowed by law. Any risk that can't be completely rejected is constrained, where allowed, to supplanting, fixing or crediting the estimation of the reward at our customer care center.

All prohibitions and restrictions of obligation in these Terms and Conditions apply for our advantage and the advantage of the reward suppliers. Taking an interest organizations and reward suppliers don't have any expert, communicated or suggested, to make any portrayal or guarantee for our benefit.

RAJAKUMARI holds out no guarantee about the quality and administrations given by the accomplices in this reward framework and won't be mindful if the merchandise/administrations are damaged/shortfall/inadmissible in any capacity. The Customer must report the lost card details to the RAJAKUMARI outlets close to you or send email to customercare@rajakumarigroup.com Once a card is accounted for to be lost, it will be blocked and under any conditions it won't be turned around.

To combine his/her points from past card to the new card, he/she should call up or send a demand through email to the customer care center for the converging of points starting with one record then onto the next. For more details on the procedure, a client may call up/send email to customer care center and understand the procedure better.

RAJAKUMARI shall not be liable in the event it fails to fulfill any of its obligations under this agreement due to flood, earthquake, storm, cyclone or any other acts of God of similar nature, war, strike, lockout, or governmental or judicial or quasi-judicial policy/intervention/direction /prohibition or change in law or for any other reasons beyond its control.