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Tradition, Dignity, Integrity-these are the defining values that are in store for you at the Rajakumari Group.

Based in Trivandrum, the capital of kerala as well as the richest royal family in the state, we live up to our legend-Rajakumari, an Indian princess.

A regal history

The Rajakumari saga begins in the pre-millennium. The 90s. A time when the world was filled with hopes about the new age. The awe. Wonder. Ethical rethink. It was time for a paradigm shift. That’s when we came together to form the Rajakumari. In 1996, to be exact. A group with high values. Such as dignity. Ethical practices. Level playing field. Business-to-business fair play. B2b of gold standard, in other words.

The Princess of gold and diamonds

In India, the term Rajakumari means a princess. For Kerala, the Rajakumari Group is the reigning name in gold and diamond trading. We have grown to cover southern Kerala and are busy pushing our boundaries further. Our core interest is gold and diamonds, but that hasn't stopped us from widening base to dozens of other avenues.
In gold and diamond trading, we focus on management and monetization of gold assets, ensuring surplus value to our stakeholders. Currently our market share stands at 40% in South India.
We have direct access to production sources, which removes bulky overheads. Your advantage there is extremely competitive price and more stability. You get your delivery within time, with the quality you demand.​
Across South India, we have earned respect and trust, thanks to our standing spanning two decades. That's why the Rajakumari is the top sourcing point in gold and diamond trading along the country.

Md's message

Dear friend,
Thank you for supporting us. It has been your patronage that nurtured our growth over the span of twenty years. We have always kept innovation and personal connect our core mantras. The Rajakumari Group puts the customer first. A team of dedicated and disciplined personnel regularly update us on the market pulse and trends. Headquartered in Attingal, the Group offers the best and latest products in Jewellery, Shopping Malls, and Hypermarkets. Founded in 1996, it is one of the prime brands in South Kerala and fast spreading out. The Rajakumari Group has a strong sense of ethical values which makes us a socially responsible corporate. Our policies based on ethics help create employment opportunities and gender equality. Thanks to the vision, our mission has reached a one Billion turnover, all thanks to your support to keep our heads high. Thank you for visiting us.


At Rajakumari, we have a a parley of products and value-based services. A chain that includes Shopping Malls + Jewelry + Textiles, and Designer Boutique.. Confectionary and more.
Let’s not boil the ocean. We are ready to reach out to discuss your business interests. Give our 110% on the always robust offers. We can find a leverage point mutually beneficial. Using our best practices.


From gold and diamonds trading, the Rajakumari methodically moved on to the retail arena. The Gold & Diamonds is now a household name across Southern Kerala. And spreading rapidly across the state with new showrooms coming up in Cochin, Calicut and beyond the border.

An absolute delight even for window shoppers, the Gold Souk at the Rajakumari Gold and Diamonds houses a treasury of precious metal, precious and semi-precious stones, all adorned with reasonable price tag and top-notch quality. There’s a department dedicated to special occasions such as weddings. A visit to the Souk is an experience in dignity shopping.

Textiles & Wedding Centre

Wedding is a royal word. Not many moments come into our lives like a marriage. Rajakumari Silks and Designs is the definitive landing place for that experience. Lavishly decorated with embellishments that can inspire customers, Rajakumari has 6 showrooms in Trivandrum and Quilon. They boast of pedigree stock, an elite brand collection plus economy range for casual occasions.

Wedding Designer

An exquisite boutique for bridal attire, this haute couture stop stocks all latest trends in fabrics. Expert stylists offer tips on how to shine on the occasion with dress that suits the body and stands out in the crowd.


The Rajakumari Day2Day Supermarket provides everything you need for a comfortable lifestyle- from grocery, vegetables, diary, pastry, fresh meat, farm produce, dairy, deli items, baked goods to bottled water, canned vegetables, soups, sauces, condiments, pasta, rice, cereal, snacks, kitchenware, household cleaners, kitchen tools, cookware, utensils, household cleaners, laundry supplies, personal care products, and pet accessories. Rajakumari also has an update line of clothing, sporting equipment, board games,and seasonal products for specific occasions like Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Halloween, themed gifts, decorations, wrapping paper and related items.

All Mart & Furniture

The Rajakumari Hybrid Mart is a novel blend of lifestyle accessories. Ranging from electronic goods to furniture, it is a beautiful deck of home front elements, displaying reputed brands as well as custom-made articles to lend décor to homes.

Digital R

The Rajakumari multi-brand digital retail chain is the most trusted stop for thousands of customers to buy their favourite mobile phones, connections, accessories, recharges and internet data cards. The Digital R hub also follows up on the customer updates, adding value to the purchase by home delivery, online purchase, EMI and more.

Bake & Breaks

This exquisite bakehouse has hundreds of regular customers who visit the shop to pick up their favourite breads, cakes, pastries, confectionery, vegetable and non-vegetable short eats. Made with pure ingredients, the Bake&Breaks will leave a lasting taste on the whole family.

The True Arabian Food
Culture is here

Savour a wonderful dining experience at Rajakumari Arabian Cafe! The combination of delicious food made with fresh ingredients and the expertise of the culinary team truly enhances the dining experience. The lively and casual yet upscale atmosphere creates a welcoming environment for various occasions, whether it's dining with friends, family, or even for business purposes. It's great to have a place where you can enjoy a multi-course meal or grab a quick bite with the assurance of a memorable culinary experience.

Fried Chicken

Indulging in some delicious fried chicken is always a treat, and it sounds like RFC Fried Chicken is the place to go for that mouthwatering experience. The description of their fried chicken being hot, crispy, and golden to perfection creates an enticing image. The combination of a crunchy exterior, juicy and tender chicken on the inside, and a well-balanced blend of spices is sure to make RFC's fried chicken truly irresistible. Whether you're a fan of classic comfort food or simply crave some flavorful poultry, RFC's fried chicken is bound to satisfy your taste buds.

Rajakumari Charitable Trust

The benefit of the Trust shall be open to all individuals coming under purview of the trust objectives, irrespective of caste, religion, creed, sex etc. To do our best so that the current generation of underprivileged children living below the poverty line integrate seamlessly into mainstream society. To impart quality education, and all-round development, including skill building, in order to provide avenues for employment that are suited to every child’s dominant intelligence and strengths.
The organization is striving to bring positive changes in the lives of the poor and socially excluded groups with focus on minorities, women and child labour families. Rajakumari Charitable Trust wants to ensure social, economic and political enhancement of the poor and socially excluded groups in a way that they will be empower to assert their rights / entitlements and live with dignity.

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